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D. Scott Johnson

Official Website of the innovative cyber-opera

Gemini Gambit


Infinity's Bargain

Gemini Gambit book cover

Gemini Gambit

Dragon's Ark book cover

Dragon's Ark


Child of the Fall


Death's Harvest


It’s a cheerfully nerdy caper in which characters profess fondness for Terry Pratchett and a virtual model of a famous light sword makes an appearance.

An intriguing story of the near future ... meticulously crafted stuff ... this truly is a found pearl amidst the seaweed and clams.

It's The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo meets Ready Player One. It's funny in the right places. The characters are fantastic. Read it now. Just do it.

Anne Miles

Publisher's Weekly

SF Book

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Author photo

D. Scott Johnson has been an IT professional since 1988, and currently works as a software developer. Aside from writing, he also mucks around with the ridiculous world of hi-fi audio, and just barely keeps his two classic Alfa Romeos on the road.

He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife, daughter, and however many pets they have managed to sneak in to the house at any one time.

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